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Thankfully this website is now being listed back on the Google search engine.  Stop Press :  Yahoo searches are now also back on air.

 "Ask Jeeves", "Lycos", "alltheweb",  "Altavista", "Excite" and others are still giving good search results.

Try KWMAP to Search the Web

We are always searching for good quality Brass Band and Soloist 78rpm records. These often take up quite a lot of space so please contact us if you have collections or records that are heading for the skip! 

We are pleased to announce that CD3BM3 "Vintage Gems" is now available


22nd November 2001 - Some of the free download tracks for CD1 and CD2 had lost quality on the transfer to Real Audio. These have been regenerated.

Sample Sound Files will be placed in this area. You will need RealPlayer on your PC to hear this wonderful playing from 66 years ago.

American Cornetist virtuoso featured on next release

NEW - Lloyd Shakespeare plays "Robin Adair" accompanied by Ernest Rutterford on Concertina.

Check out our audio renovation results on the acoustic recording of Edwin Firth's rendition of E. Damare's Cornet Polka - "Pandora" - Real Audio file.

Hear a sample of Del Staigers playing the introduction to "Carnival of Venice" or you might prefer his introduction to "Napoli"

Have you heard any of these Lloyd Shakespeare and Ernest Rutterford Recordings? I have included a free download of the introduction to Weber's Last Waltz - just hit the record label below. 

I was so impressed I just ordered the William Rimmer arrangement from Wright and Round.

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You might want to hear Jules Levy  who justifiably promoted himself as  "The Greatest Cornet Player in the World".

These are acoustic recordings but the restoration removes most of the scratches ... both are a must for inclusion on the CD4BM4 compilation.

Jules Levy plays the cornet Solo "Du Du with Variations"  


Solo Cornet Part for Basil Windsor's "The Warrior - Polka"   Received from Andy Callard - with thanks. CD3BM3 is approaching completion so free copy will be awarded to Andy!

Radio Broadcasts

GMR Brass - John Maines  95.1 and 104.6FM Sunday 6am & 6pm

Listen to the Band - Frank Renton Radio 2 Friday 9:30pm 88 to 91FM

Sounds of Brass - Phillip Hunt BBC Jersey Sunday  7:05pm 88.8FM 1026MW

Also Sounds of Brass North East is a weekly programme on BBC Local Radio, broadcast simultaneously on BBC Radio Humberside, York, Leeds and Sheffield.
Monday evenings at 7.30pm. Presented by David Nash

GOLDEN OLDIE Radio Broadcasts

Stars on 78 - Frank Wappatt BBC Cumbria Monday 7.05pm 95.6 96.1 & 104.1FM

String of Pearls - Dewi Griffiths BBC Wales Sunday 9.05am 84.8-103.9FM, 657 and 882AM

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Recent Media Coverage of Choice Recordings

bullet"How Do They Do That " Brassband World
bulletTracks from "The Cornet King" and "Fabulous Fodens" have been regular features on Frank Wappat's popular "Stars on 78" radio program on BBC local radio in particular BBC Radio Newcastle
bulletMuch recent discussion regarding Jack Mackintosh on TPIN (Trumpet Players International Network) trumpeters discussion group
bullet"Vintage Gems" featured on Dewi Griffith's "BBC WALES "String of Pearls" Radio Program"

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Copyright @ 2001 M.R.Hobson Choice Recordings

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: November 05, 2012

Copyright @ 2001 M.R.Hobson Choice Recordings

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: November 05, 2012